Full Crewing

Patients and ambulance officers are put at risk because many front-line ambulances are not fully crewed.



New Zealand funds its ambulance service at around NZ$30 per head annually. That is about half the amount many comparable ambulance services in Australia, Canada and the UK are funded. NZAA wants this shortfall addressed.


HPCAA Registration

To safeguard clinical standards we believe all New Zealand Ambulance Officers should be registered.

We welcome the news that Ambulance New Zealand intends to apply for regulation of ILS and ALS practitioners under the HPCA Act 2003.


NZAA – Ambulance Union NZ

Working on behalf of all New Zealand Ambulance Personnel for a safe environment for members and the public.

This website is for members of the public who wish to learn more about the Association, as well as NZAA members who may log in and use its facilities.

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