National Representation

The New Zealand Ambulance Association, since its inception in 2004, has been involved in representation of its members in the following major consultations and developments:

Single Crewing Project: Started Whanganui 2004 and continues to contribute to increases in staffing across New Zealand today.

Workforce Review 2013: This review identified shortfalls in the workforce that, while having minimal impact at the time, contributed greatly to the Double Crewing Project of 2016.

Double crewing project (DCP) in St John from 2015 through to 2021: This was the single most extensive project St John has initiated in its provision of ambulance services over the previous two decades, stemming from the drive NZAA had initiated and supported following its presentation of the White Paper to Government back in 2006. From analysis and extensive consultation of the initial drafts of the project, NZAA has been a leading union supporter of the project, having input to all changes involving stations and districts affected by the project.

PwC workforce review 2018: The Price Waterhouse Coopers Workforce Review started in 2018 and was presented to ambulance staff in general in September 2019. Since then NZAA has been a leader in challenging for the identified changes recommended from the review. Due to St John attempting to gain a sustainable level of funding (95%) through an application to Government at the same time as this review was presented, NZAA has been required to have extensive involvement at a national level to ensure the direction of the changes are that which has been identified in the review. As the review affected St John’s application to Government and with so many departments being involved at all levels, NZAA found the interpretation of the review was having negative connotations for members. This required strong union representation on multiple committees which has led to the beneficial outcomes members enjoy today.

National Health Safety and Wellbeing Group as the New Zealand ambulance unions’ representative since 2012: With Health and Safety being such a high profile area across all professions and industries in modern New Zealand, NZAA has been the union representative on the National group, providing a voice for all ambulance staff.

New Zealand Ambulance Standard 8156 Review, started in 2017 and published on 2 May 2019: NZAA, as the only union involved in the consultation and review process, provided extensive input into this critical document as it set out the national standards for all facets of ambulance operations, from the call centres through to the configurations and responsibilities of all related parties. The most important aspect of this review was to update and standardise ambulance services across all of New Zealand.